Neverending Programmes

Disclaimer: I have decided that I will try to post on Sundays I just find that it’s a day where I can relax and really think about what I want to say, I hope that you follow along with everything but I will try hard to be original. Thanks x

Today I wanted to talk about never-ending programmes, not like when a show that lasts for 2 hours. I mean when you start watching one episode of a series then realise that there’s 5 series and you start from the beginning. This is when it’s already too late, the tv fever kicks in! Before you know it you’re on the 3rd series by day 4 and you owe your parents about £100 pizza delivery money. You smell like a dustbin baby and the outside world is a sin. Basically you’ve ruined your life. I recently started watching an extremely popular tv series and I was hooked completely then it got me thinking I know what some of them are going through and how tough it was then I began to be angry at opposing characters and fall in love with those with 8 packs. So I looked around for other long series and there are so many it’s unbelievable that people get interested for so long.

Sorry this is short but I was a bit rushed for time please think about these and carry on reading thanks x


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