Neverending Programmes

Disclaimer: I have decided that I will try to post on Sundays I just find that it’s a day where I can relax and really think about what I want to say, I hope that you follow along with everything but I will try hard to be original. Thanks x

Today I wanted to talk about never-ending programmes, not like when a show that lasts for 2 hours. I mean when you start watching one episode of a series then realise that there’s 5 series and you start from the beginning. This is when it’s already too late, the tv fever kicks in! Before you know it you’re on the 3rd series by day 4 and you owe your parents about £100 pizza delivery money. You smell like a dustbin baby and the outside world is a sin. Basically you’ve ruined your life. I recently started watching an extremely popular tv series and I was hooked completely then it got me thinking I know what some of them are going through and how tough it was then I began to be angry at opposing characters and fall in love with those with 8 packs. So I looked around for other long series and there are so many it’s unbelievable that people get interested for so long.

Sorry this is short but I was a bit rushed for time please think about these and carry on reading thanks x



I suppose there’s a reason behind everyone blogging.

If its to  share your thoughts, or give out handy tips. But if your like me you’ve probably just started this because it’s something to do. To me this feels like it could be something that takes my mind off where I can jump into my world of babbling at strangers. Because to me that’s weirdly appealing.

Okay maybe I should tell you about myself. My name is Lily Beth Morgan, interesting fact most of my relatives think my first name is Lily Beth when in fact the ‘Beth’ is my middle name. I was born in northern Ireland but my parents aren’t from there and we moved before I was old enough to realise where I was so I have no Irish blood in me. Now I live in a little town in Shropshire which I will not mention so that no one stalks me. I’m in my second year or High School which I’m not sure what is for Americans but ah well. I have always wanted to express my feelings but never really found the way to. (I’ve never been a fan of diary’s or journals) So I was mindlessly scouring the internet when I found this website and tought why not? So yeh I’m going to try to post something interesting once a week not sure what days yet but I hope you keep checking on my feed and enjoy ! Thanks x